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Approximately 1,500 individuals receive care during any given mission. We are proud of our accomplishments, yet our work is far from done.


Upcoming Missions

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

February 2-10, 2024


Jamaica (Spanish Town)

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Belize (Independence City)

July 12-20, 2024


Mason, Sr.

Retired Chicago Police Officer started with IAMM in 2009 as the Security Advisor was appointed Executive Director in 2017. I have been on every mission since 2009 preparing and planning each mission. I find a desire to go into countries whose people are in need of both medical and spiritual services. IAMM has provided a platform for me to help with both and a hope for a better tomorrow. Through the help of professionals in many fields and our generous donors we are able to go give Health Hope and Healing to all we encounter.

Executive Director

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Haiti Connection


Megeste Pierre

My name is Megeste Pierre. I was born in Maissade, Haiti. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to Southwestern Christian College from August 2010 through May 2012. While at Southwestern, I excelled in all my subjects. I was awarded the valedictorian award for the highest GPA, 3.94, for the associate degree in religious studies. The faculty and staff voted me Student of the Year based on leadership, integrity, and scholarship. My classmates voted me
vice-president of the student body for the 2011-2012 school year. I transferred to Abilene Christian University to earn a Master of Divinity and minors in Business Administration and Political Science in 2018. A week after my graduation I move back to Haiti to serve my people and continue with a congregation that my father started, Eglise Du Christ de Bon-Repos (Church of Christ). When I left Haiti in 2010 it was devastated by an earthquake, the situation is worsened through the years with all the sociopolitical unrest the country faces every day. My
ministry, Christian Family Center (CFC) was in the Onaville area, about 45 minutes from the Toussaint Louverture International Airport (Port-au-Prince) but had to move to Bon-Repos due hostile takeover by gang members in Onaville.

I’m very passionate about doing what I can to change the lives of those in my community. Therefore, CFC focuses on empowering vulnerable children in the community by providing them with a Christian education and feeding them. The program currently serving children from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school will add a grade each year as the children progress. I firmly believe that an education with a Christian emphasis is the greatest hope for future  generations in Haiti.

Haiti has faced a multitude of humanitarian crises for decades. It is one of the most difficult living environments in the Western hemisphere. Political unrest, gang violence, kidnappings, rampant inflation, an even starvation are all too prevalent. Yet amid all these challenges, God’s name is being glorified through CFC and related ministries. I believe that the Lord will honor our prayers for strength, vision, endurance, and growth. I would welcome any who would join us in partnership of this critical Gospel work.


We take great pride in being a leading missionary organization. It is our responsibility to serve and we are honored to spread hope and health around the world.

DeWayne Mason Sr, Executive Director


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