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As the Executive Director of the International American Medical Mission (IAMM), let’s not be slow when it comes to helping others. Let’s not be slow in correcting the faults in our lives, no matter what they may be? Become a better mother or father. A better husband or wife. A better person, above all, become a better child of God. There are those on the front lines of this terrible virus who bravely combat this disease by helping others; medical professionals and first responders. To them we say, thank you for your sacrifices. We would like to extend to them a special thanks and appreciation. 


Our plans in the midst of this pandemic is to load our website with help tools that will reinforce the protocols already in place during this COVID-19 outbreak. We hope this information will be beneficial for those in the medical field and to general audiences as well. We are faced with a challenge to help those on our home front like we’ve done so many times elsewhere in the world so we’d like to do the same here. A plan has been implemented to prepare care packages consisting of a few essential items our doctors and nurses may need, therefore your continued financial assistance will be needed and very much appreciated. This service will also be available to you our faithful donors.

Please know the things we face in life are not by accident they are there for our learning and a chance to do better. In the very near future IAMM will post our plans for our upcoming mission to Belize as well as Nigeria. Though we are at a standstill today we trust this COVID-19 dilemma will be just a memory. We are aware of the safeguards in place and want to be absolutely sure we act according to the protocols by not just our government but other governments where we choose to go. 


In closing, I want to leave these words of encouragement, as we tend to live in the fear of uncertainty not knowing what tomorrow may bring, let us be confident in knowing who will bring tomorrow, who brings all tomorrows! Please know there is a Master Physician who has the solution to this problem and in His time it will be revealed. Enjoy the closeness of love ones and take advantage of this still use this pause to connect to the God who sits high and looks low for this too shall end. Finally ask yourself what have you learned from this COVID-19 pandemic for the pause button will go back to play soon, will you be a better person with better value for life or will you just be the same?



God is Still in Charge,

DeWayne Mason, IAMM Executive Director


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